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It may be necessary to meet the software and operational needs arising with digital transformation remotely and periodically with professional help. For companies to get technological services other than their basic knowledge and experience, cooperating with fast-acting, reliable, and solution-oriented companies is necessary.

TechOps Center was established to meet the institutions’ needs regarding their technological operations and create equality of income and opportunity for everyone in the digital world, with the qualified workforce it trains in-house.

TechOps Center, one of the Tempo BPO services, provides service-based work for the employees it employs in Anatolia by taking part in technology operations. Thus, institutions can receive end-to-end services instead of employing them in-house. It offers services in flexible models with its experienced employees in the e-commerce, fintech, insurance, retail, and telecommunication sectors.

TechOps Center software testRPA supported services offers1st level supportcyber security monitoringdata labelingdata cleaning solutions.

As TechOps Center, we meet your scalable and periodic resource needs in fields such as Manual & Crowd Testing, Cyber Security Monitoring, 1st Level Technical Support, Data Cleaning & Labeling, with our young and dynamic team trained according to the international standards.

Our focus is on allocating ready-to-serve scalable resources to meet your technological operation needs.

TechOps Center is a Technology Operations Center with a highly trained resource pool with technical knowledge and competence.

  • Compatible with International Standards
  • A team with know-how that provides continuity in knowledge
  • We furnish your operational needs remotely and periodically in such a way that can be scaled according to your needs, and we turn our experienced workforce potential into performance in the field of technology.
TechOps Center we are here
for all your needs!

We fulfill your operational needs, which come to your agenda with digital transformation, remotely and periodically in a way that can be scaled according to your needs, and we turn our young workforce’s potential into performance in the field of technology.

We are all around Turkey

The young and dynamic TechOps Center team provides service in different parts of the country.

Instead of working from a single center, we spread the employment load in big cities across the country with our operation teams located in various cities of Anatolia.