Quick solutions with technology-based services

As TechOps Center, we meet your scalable and periodic resource needs in fields such as Manual & Crowd Testing, Cyber Security Monitoring, 1st Level Technical Support, Data Cleaning & Labeling, with our young and dynamic team trained according to the international standards.

Manual Software Test Crowd Test

  • Creating the Test Plans and Scenarios
  • System and Integration Tests
  • Functional Tests
  • Performance and Load Tests
  • Error Management, Compatibility Tests
  • Regression Tests
  • Design and development of test automation architecture
  • WebService-Mobile-Web

RPA supported services

  • RPA operations services
  • Regulation of operation processes

1st Level Support

  • Solving queries and problems in technical support areas determined according to the needs of the institution
  • Differentiating and omnichannel support channels; phone, e-mail, chat and social media

Cyber security monitoring

  • The activities in the network, server, database, application, website and other systems are monitored 24/7, and possible attacks are examined and reported

Data Cleaning

  • Identifying missing data
  • Cleansing of the noisy and inconsistent data
  • Correction of incorrect data
  • Data class validation

Data Labeling

  • Labeling and classification of different data types for Artificial Intelligence Systems

Competent and Flexible Resource

Resources that are capable of taking part in technological transformation, fast and periodic, independent of geographical constraints

Engagement and Satisfaction

Structures that increase employee satisfaction and loyalty

Flexible and Dynamic

Different perspectives on needs, apart from institutional routines

Global Approach

Innovative approaches based on universal standards

Cost/Time Advantages

Solutions that reduce the time and cost pressure of today’s competitive environment

Innovative Operation

Systems that meet the hardware and software requirements brought by technological diversity