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We offer solutions in software test services, data labeling and cleansing with our remote service model

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TechOps Center was founded based on the allocation of ready-to-go scalable resources to meet the technological operation needs.
Considering the fast paced technological transformation, we need them more than ever.

Vast experience in various domains

Prompt and flexible team setup

Ample Technological resources

Cost Advantage

Our Solution That Is Peculiar to TechOps Center: Hybrid Model

We are providing an end-to-end software quality service with our experienced management team, test specialists operating with remote service model, and test analysts who will cooperate with you personally in your location.


What does provide?

We will embrace your needs as if they are our own

We apply our experience in every area, and in addition to running the test, we enrich the content of the tests we run in order to improve the efficiency. Not only do we provide resources, but also embrace the output as an end-to-end service. (Hybrid Model)

We offer effective solution design and resource management

It is our priority to understand you, create the solution which will be tailored just for you, and implement it efficiently. We work to generate synchronous for the software development speed and produce approaches which shorten the time required for the product to become accessible by the end user. We create effective solution designs with the wide range of solutions at our disposal.

We provide resources rapidly according to your changing needs

We support your business with technically equipped resources that can be adapted to the increase or decrease in your resource needs for project-based and/or other reasons within weeks.

We provide cost advantage with the periodical service model

We offer you cost advantages with the shared resource or managed service options, compared to service of leasing resources at location.

We work to provide services in line with international standards

We produce on the basis of international standards to keep the quality of service continuous and stable. After the product is delivered, we always attend to the documentation, product memory protection, and transferring the product internally.

We provide information on up-to-date technologies

We provide information on the systems which meet the hardware and software requirements arising from technological diversity and support your continuous development.

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